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01 July 2013 @ 06:53 am
TITLE : Drunk
length : OneShot ; 1302 words
pairing/characters : RyeoWon ~~ XD
genre : PWP, Smut ; Weirdness?
rating : NC17
summary : Siwon have no idea how many rounds they had after that but he sure hell it's a lot to have him so fucking drunk that he's inside the toilet lip-locking with Ryeowook....

This is what happen when i cant sleep XDD.. PWP.. no plot, i honestly cant write anything lately no matter how hard i try, but i just really want to get this off my mind.. and now it's done.... idek XDD... im so sorry, im crazy o.o

oh well.. im sure no one would read this anyway.. hahaha XD otl .. im weird............... Q_Q

It was his fourth glass.. or was it his fifth? He shook his head as he lost count, his getting a bit tipsy and being the responsible man that he is he wanted to call it off a night and go home but a hand stopped him as he motioned to go up.

"Where are you going?" He blinked his haze eyes and looked at Ryeowook who was pouring more alcohol on his glass.

"Don't be such a girl, drink more." Ryeowook pouted as he pushed the glass towards the older.

He sighed as he noticed they were the only ones left drinking at the table. He looked around and he saw Eunhyuk, Shindong and Donghae dancing crazilly at the dance floor with Henry laughing his ass off as he join their crazy acts. Thank goodness they've rented the whole place for themselved because it would be chaos if anyone would see them like this. He looked at the sides and he saw Kangin dozing off, the man stopping after a few rounds, saying he's trying to watch his alcohol, Zhou Mi beside him who was knocked out only after a few shots. And he doesn't even want to know where Kyuhyun and Sungmin were after being kicked out by co-members after blatantly making out in front of them.

"I think we should stop. It's clear we're all wasted." Siwon muttered, putting down the glass of alcohol Ryeowook just offered him.

"Oh can you stop being so up-tight. Just relax and enjoy!" Ryeowook murmured as he pushed the glass back towards Siwon. Siwon sighed for the umpteenth time that night and took the glass.

"There you go!" Ryeowook cheered as he pour another round. Siwon have no idea how many rounds they had after that but he sure hell it's a lot to have him so fucking drunk that he's inside the toilet lip-locking with Ryeowook.

"Fuck, you taste so good." Ryeowook moaned as he grab Siwon's head deepening the kiss. And he could only agree as he felt the sensation crawling all over his body, reaching all the way down south and it definitely felt so good. He find himself wanting more as he buck his hips towards the other, their clothed erections brushing together. Ryeowook mimicked the action, thrusting harder as he knead Siwon's ass, pushing it even deeper towards his hard member.

"Oh F-" Siwon bit his lips, trying to control his moan but find it hard as Ryeowook humped their cocks harder. "Fuck!" He growled, his neck arching backwards as he cant contain the overflowing pleasure.

Ryeowook took it an opportunity to lavish Siwon's neck, peppering it with bites and kisses. Loving the taste, he immediately pulled Siwon's top, as he crave for more.

Ryeowook paused, his mouth watering as he eyed the other's perfectly toned abs. He moved his hand towards the perfection, biting his lips as he love the feel of it in his hands. "I've always known it look this good but I never thought it feels way much better!" Siwon didn't know what to reply as his mind was filled with lust and want, but he didn't have to say any word as Ryowook replaced his hand with his mouth, his tongue lapping every inch of Siwon like a cat in heat. "Mmm and fuck it even taste much better mmm... You taste so good Siwon." Ryeowook moaned as he lick every part of Siwon's chest , not leaving a bit of skin untouched.

He bit his lips as he reached Siwon's happy thrail, his heart brimming with lust as he started sucking downward until he met Siwon's jeans. He cursed at the annoying object as he hastily took it off. "Impatient, aren't we?" Siwon managed to say as he felt every bit of him tingle with excitement. At the same time, Ryeowook have pulled Siwon's boxers down, the other's hard erection standing high and proud as it was set free.

"Well damn, for this I definitely am!" Ryewook moaned as he eyed the other's member with so much want.

He moved forward as he took an experimental lick at the tip. "Mmm you taste so good, I bet you'll feel so fucking good inside me" Ryeowook moaned as he taste more of the other's erection. "Sadly i wont be able to feel you tonight, maybe some other time."

Siwon's eyes suddenly shot up at that statement but all questions was thrown out of the window as Ryeowook took all of his member inside his mouth.

Ryeowook sucked all of Siwon's member all the way down as the tip of the erection hit the back of his throat.

Siwon was in ecstasy that he almost failed to notice when Ryeowook inserted one finger inside his virgin hole. Another one came after, scissoring his tightness.

"Fuck Ryeowook that hurts!!!" Siwon screamed, gripping at the nearest thing his hand can reach which at that moment was Ryeowook's hair.

The smaller didn't mind as he suck harder, at the same time, his fingers hitting something inside Siwon that made him see heaven. "Oh fuck Ryeowook! Again! Fuck do that again!" Siwon begged, which the other more than gladly complied.

Siwon gasped as he begged for more, the mixture of pain and pleasure taking him in places he have never reached before and fuck it felt so fucking good.

He heard a loud pop and he felt so empty as Ryeowook's mouth left him but even more as the younger withdrew his fingers. He have never imagined anyone topping him, much more the eternal maknae, but damn! he find himself craving to have the younger as he felt the strange emptiness crawling inside him.

He was glad as he eyed Ryeowook who came back with a small pack of lube in hand.

"Where did you get that?" Siwon asked as he wasted no time and grabbed the pack and started undressing the younger.

"Mmm.. KyuMin. They always bring it with them everywhere. Horny couple." Ryeowook moaned as Siwon started coating his erect member with the lube. "Well send my thanks to them, because I'm damn horny for you right now." Siwon whispered making Ryeowook shudder. The younger immediately crushed their lips together in a messy kiss as he push Siwon on the wall.

Siwon pulled one of Ryeowook's leg as he guide the other's erection towards his waiting hole. "Fuck me now please." He whispered above Ryeowook's lips.

And the younger did as told as he push all the way inside the taller's tightness.

"Oh goodness! You're so tight.. ugh.. so good." Ryeowook moaned as he close his eyes from the amazing euphoria.

He waited a minute for Siwon to adjust before pulling out and slamming all the way in, repeating the proccess, as he try to find the other's peak of pleasure. He smiled as a lenghty moan escaped Siwon's lips. Knowing he found his target, he slammed faster thrusting towards that direction.

And soon enough, the small room was filled with moans and curses.

"I'm going to cum!" Ryeowook moaned as he reached his high, shooting all of his cum inside Siwon, the older coming soon after.

Siwon let himself fall, taking Ryeowook with him as they lay their wasted bodies on the floor.

"That was good." Siwon moaned, planting kisses on Ryeowook's neck as soon as he came down from his high.

"Mmm.. I definitely agree to that." Ryeowook moaned as he tilt his head, giving Siwon more access.

"So..wat now?" Ryeowook asked as he felt Siwon's lips going downwards, gasping as the taller find his hard nubs, sucking it with much fervor.

"Well you did want to know how it feels to have me inside you right?" Siwon asked as he guided Ryeowook's hands to his member.

Ryewook smirked. "I 'd love that."
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21walker21walker on July 1st, 2013 12:31 am (UTC)
This couple needs more attention! And fanfiction! So rare but so good ^^